Monday, December 7, 2009

Simplify Getting a Tree

In years past, Dave and I have picked a day we will go get our tree, made the 30+ minute drive to a tree farm, spent hours hiking and searching for the perfect, very tall tree. All the while, Mason may or may not be enjoying himself as every tree is perfect to him. By the time we got home, half the day was gone and we were not always in the cheeriest of spirits to get the tree trunk cut, the tree in the stand, making sure it was strait, stringing lights, and finally ornaments. Getting the tree and putting it up was easily an all-day event and sometimes moved into day two, not to mention the $100 price tag that comes with most trees that you choose and cut.

Last year we did all of the above except after hours of searching at several locations, we did not come home with a tree at all! We ended up at SaveMart (a local grocery store) where we purchased a tree for $39.99 after just minutes of looking. This is exactly what we did this year, and Dave and I picked it up without Mason. Mason is excited about decorating the tree, not all the stuff that comes with bringing it home. The tree we bought last year as with the one in the living room right now is gorgeous! After all, once you get your tree home and love it with your history in pretty ornaments, how can it be anything but beautiful?

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