Friday, December 18, 2009

A Week Before Christmas

Have you managed to keep the stress of Christmas at bay? I have, well, with one exception. I have a young man in my life that I have yet to reach out to. His birthday was in October and now I'm a week away from Christmas and he still doesn't know I exist. I digress, what I'm really looking for is I want to know if you have been able to unplug the Christmas machine? The part of this time of year that has you pulling your hair out and wishing you had more than just a week to finish all those things you think you need to do.

I haven't let all the commercial nonsense get to me. I'm mailing certain gifts after Christmas because I don't want to fight the crowds at the post office. The way I see it, a gift will be welcome no matter what day it arrives and might even be more appreciated if it's not one of many in the overwhelm of that one day. I hope you can take some time and not be taken over by perceptions that you have to meet a certain deadline and give something to everyone. As it goes with love and giving, the season is all year long and when it's truly from your heart, it will be appreciated. Even if it arrives on December 28th!

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