Monday, May 18, 2009

Pictures From My Day With Dave

Breakfast on the veranda at Awful Annies

Arrived at Boomtown to play poker with the seniors

The two of us at the river

My hunky hubby!

The rushing Truckee river at Rainbow Lodge

Carpe Vino in Old Town Auburn


Mark Reyland said...

Hey ..I want a day with Dave!...That looked like fun!!!

Tania Reynaert said...

Koen is stressed out now. Maybe I shouldn't have told him about your day.

Dave's putting too much pressure on him! hahahaha

Kathy said...

Mark, you actually have to talk to Dave to get a date! Laughing!

Tania, it's not the first time Dave's male counter-parts gave him grief about being schmoopy. Tell Koen when things settle down, you'll be ready for him to spoil you, too! No pressure! Take your time honey. Smiling!