Monday, May 4, 2009

Do You Volunteer?

I love to volunteer. Street fairs, festivals, service clubs, no matter what it is, it feels great to be a part of a greater good. You could spend a few hours at the library organizing periodicals, or doing other tasks that are continually left undone for lack of personnel. Visit a women's shelter or hospital (find out if the pediatric ward could use a storyteller). Call your church to discover projects just waiting for someone to help out.

I registered to volunteer for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. I invited some of my friends to sign up with me and all they saw was what hard work it would be. All I could see was all the interesting people I would meet, from all over the world, and all the opportunities that would present themselves outside of the job I would be doing. It turned out that they had more applicants than jobs so the fact that I lived in California, and not Utah, I was bumped.

I've met more interesting people, and had tons of fun volunteering. Find something you like to do, and find a place you can help. No matter what the outcome, it'll bring rewards you can't foresee! Go, volunteer, and have fun!

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