Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let's Talk About The Secret

Have you seen it? Do you believe it? Better yet, do you live it? I do, for better and for worse!

Here's my take on the Law of Attraction (LOA), I do believe that we attract what we live. I have areas of my life (or psyche) that take a great deal of work to undo...undo many years of someone else's thinking layered again and again on my young being. Now that I have complete control over what I believe and practice, my life has traveled light years in the direction of success and abundance.

Without as much concentration and work, I can see the call from the producer of a national television show as exciting! I'm on their radar. If nothing comes of the communications, I still have that contact information. It just doesn't occur to me to sulk over the fact that, "It fell through! Darn! I never get the big break." All I can see it that, "It's happening, it's really happening!"

I loved that The Secret opened so many eyes to a new perspective, however, I feel they left out the importance of taking action. You have to DO something to make things happen.

I can go on and on about all the little things I see as the manifestation of the LOA, but I want to hear from you. I want to create a living, breathing forum for people to learn about what to do to really live the Law of Attraction. If it's wine making for you, what did you do, exactly? It it was finding the man/woman of your dreams, again, what action did you take? Share with us and let's build the momentum for all to see, and not just see, but see how-to!

I've got exciting plans for this year and I want you to be part of it. Join me here and I'll share more as we go!


Tania Reynaert said...

Sounds good Kathy, I'm in.

I have done this for everything in my life, so I wouldn't know where to start, or which story to tell.

Being chosen to represent Canada in Scotland for highland dancing as a young girl?

Getting into trade school with a loan when I was under age, because I was determined?

My invention journey, going from nothing to a product in 5 months?

Bringing my love into this country from another?

The little miracle of my youngest son?

Winning a world wide writing contest, beating writers with Phd's and then continuing to be published?

I love goals, I thrive on them...I think I need them LOL

I feel a bit boastful telling all of this though.

My oldest son is exactly the same way as me.

I decided at a young age that nobody was going to take blame for my downfalls.

If I want to do something, I give it my best shot before saying I couldn't achieve it. me, taking my kayaking safety course was one of those moments. I needed hernia surgery at the time, but REALLY wanted this course. So I explained that if I dumped and couldn't get back in my vessel...please help! LOL

For the test, I had to roll over, escape and climb back in. OH Lord!

I tried for 5 minutes, and became weaker as time went on. The instructor thought I should give up. Well, those words don't wash well with me.

I stuggled and grabbed at everything I could and landed in the vessel...backwards!

Stood up a little and turned around to slide back into the kayak. My entire course was clapping and whistling at me. My daughter and niece, who were watching and worried, were very proud.

Here was their water safety instructor qualified mom not able to get into a boat!

I did get surgery shortly afterwards and I had 8 hernias.

But I did ALMOST give up..I'm happy my neice and daughter were watching ;-)

Tania Reynaert said...

I was thinking about the boasting comment and decided it's not boasting.LOL

I had a friend that use to say I was lucky, everything good happens to me.

Number one...I have bad things too, I just don't wallow in them and let them consume me, or knock me of course.

Number two...things don't just happen for me, I work my butt off to achieve my goals.

While my friend was out drinking and dancing, then recovering for 3 days after that, I was sitting home, researching how to achieve my goals.

So I'm not going to appologise for getting where I want to be and the speed in which I get there.

Anything I really want to do, I can, I'm thinking singing lessons hahahaha

Kathy said...

Our similarities blow me away. My older sister said the very same thing to me, that I'm so lucky (I am), and that everything good falls in my lap. No way! I work my behind off for that which I have, and like you, I don't focus on the the crap. I take responsibility for my part in bringing it to me, than I kick it to the curb, and move on! I can't wait to pull this project together and you, my friend, will play an integral part! Thank you for your openness and friendship!