Monday, May 11, 2009

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives!

Are you reading what people are saying about Intentional Winning and the Law of Attraction? If you're not, start!

This is the best motivation because these are real people just like you! Not the ones that are living at the next levels of finance and success. It's not to say that they are any less real than we are, it's just to say that I feel so inspired by the people who are in the trenches, balancing their lives and making things happen to get to the next level as they see their dreams manifesting.

Here's what Tania shared with me. Tania is a woman who has been dealt a few crappy cards in life, but frankly, I don't know that she sees it that way. She sees her life as it is, and takes responsibility for making it her dream life. From there, she instills those same great life skills in her kids. Check this out.

"I think the number one kicker in people's lives are the people around them.

My son was trying out for a provincial football team. He had two of his friends at the house with him, who were also trying out. I know they were trying to save their egos from the sadness of not making the team by what they were saying, "No way we'll make this team and you won't either Michael (my son)." I heard Michael start to say negative things about himself and his friends were agreeing with him!

I called him over for a private chat. He had already received numerous awards at a national level, so it was strange to hear him speak this way. I asked him why he thought he couldn't make it. He didn't know. In fact, after 5 minutes of talking about why he didn't know how things became negative, he turned it around and started focusing again on the positive.

He decided it was time for his friends to go home so he could focus more on the good, before morning tryouts. He made the team, but his friends didn't. Michael then saw that his friends decided the night before that they weren't going to make it."

Tania, you are a shiny example for all of us. I admire and respect you and thank you for your friendship!


Tania Reynaert said...

( my is my son)...wish they had spell check on this thing hahaha...
(Michael is my son)

Thanks for your friendship too Kathy :-)

Mark Reyland said...

Awwww....That's very nice!