Monday, January 12, 2009

You Got You Here!

Is this you? This certainly guarantees success but what are you really gaining? Exactly!

To really take responsibility you have to tell the truth. Tell the truth about how many pounds overweight you are, how many dollars in credit card debt you are (to name just a few of the truths I've been confronting lately), and that you are the only one who created and can uncreate the mess.

It seems that people are really catching on to the true meaning of the truth will set you free. I know when I get honest about where I am and why, I can clearly see the things I need to do to produce the better outcomes I want. Oprah has kicked off her new season with all the topics that we live with and try to balance; weight, health, money, spirituality, and sex. Every one of these shows had the same foundation, get honest with yourself about why you are where you are and when you do, conditions will start to improve. I believe this. I know you have to start the do-ing, but telling the truth, saying it out loud, writing it down, and mapping a plan makes it seem less daunting. It's as if when you finally say it or write it, you see that you're still living and breathing, but now the weight of the lies has been lifted. You can breathe easier with a plan to move forward to the honest life you really want to live.

What do you need to get honest about? I spent all day Saturday getting honest about our finances and how we (I say we because in our marriage, Dave and I both make decisions, but for my purpose of getting real, I take full responsibility for where we are.) over indulged in a time when I wasn't making my usual salary. I'm also feeling an overwhelming need to get real about my diet and fitness routine. I need to stop allowing myself to be in a funk, and just do it! Create the right mental attitude by taking the action, the funk will fall away when the benefits of the healthful eating and exercise kick in.

I contemplated giving you my facts and figures as part of my honesty program and chose not to in an effort to not create an uncomfortable situation by giving you more information than you care to have. If you want to know my honest numbers (weight and debt), e-mail me and I will share them with you without shame. It is what it is and it's about to get better! Share your thoughts with me, I'm happy to share my journey with you, heck it's always easier to do this together!

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