Friday, January 9, 2009

Woman Bites Dog!

As reported by Andrea Menniti of KOVR channel 13:

It may seem bizarre, but for Kathy Partak, nibbling her cocker spaniel Riley is a daily ritual."Every morning I give him a little love bite," she said. "It's our 'good morning.'"

It started the first day she brought Riley home as a puppy six years ago. Now, if she forgets to chomp, he gets upset."He'll kind of follow me around, he'll scratch, 'Hey, are we okay?'" Kathy laughs.

When Kathy is gone, her husband Dave is left to do the dirty work. The devoted owner insists Riley is perfectly clean, and not a bit bothered by the biting."It's just a little scruff on the neck," she said. "It's not even a hard bite.

Kathy is the first to admit that the habit is hard for other people to understand."Absolutely this is odd," she said. "None of my friends bite their dog, but I don't care! Why be normal?"

Kathy and Riley's unusual display of affection as gained national attention, and the two appeared on the Rachael Ray Show on 1/8/09.