Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What About Intention?

Do you think your thoughts really have the kind of power that some would like you to believe they have? I do. Whatever you think, you're right! How many times have you heard me utter those words? One of the laws of our universe is the law of attraction that states like attracts like. Create an energy about your self that's negative and you will attract negative people. Oh, never mind, you all know this stuff!

I'm rambling a bit today because I'm struggling with how I feel versus how I want to feel. I certainly believe I have control over this, but sometimes, the actual where-you-are-right-now-feelings are stronger than the I-know-I-can-feel-something-different knowledge. Hopefully what I know and believe will soon win over what I'm feeling so intensely. I'll explain more of this on Friday, but for now, let me go clean my house and my emotional space!

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