Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekend Assignment

Happy Friday! Hopefully you have pulled out the bank statements, credit card bills, and your check register to see where you stand. If not, get at it!

This weekend, I want you to find something really fun to do that's free. You can spend money on gas to get there, but nothing else! You have to pack your food to eat, from your house (no trips to the grocery just for this trip), no admission fees, and no paying for activities once you're there.

See what you can come up with and next week we'll see who had the most fun and what you did. We're also talking about credit scores and how they're calculated, so hopefully you'll get some useful information! I can't wait to hear about all the free stuff you found to do!


Lisa said...

We went Skiing at Kirkwood!! We already had our season passes! We drove up to the cabin Sat night, stayed at our ski share. Brought food with us to cook breakfast. Brought waters and Gatorade for drinks. Went skiing and afterward our favorite "snack" place was closed for the season, so we just ended up driving home and cooking our Anniversary dinner at Home!

Lisa said...

PS. Even got a Free Hot chocolat for being a season pass holder!!

Anonymous said...

My wife was out of town. I was invited by two friends to go to church and join them later for a cook-out (Brazilian style). Both were a lot of fun.