Friday, April 11, 2008

So, How is Your Financial Health?

This is one of those two-meaning questions. If money worries can affect your physical health, it would make sense to get healthy with your checkbook so your body can relax, too.

Exercising financially doesn't mean go shopping! Quite the opposite, in fact, it means connecting with your current financial situation and taking action. Did you do any confronting since my last post? I did. I brought my check register current and took a good look at our finances. They are okay, but I am still not saving like I would like to. In any case, I paid all our bills, including the second installment of our property taxes. Now I'm going to work on my heart health and go for a hike with Riley.

Tax day is fast approaching so if you haven't already, take a good look at your financial situation. If have a refund coming, get smart, pay a bill off and see how good it feels to improve your bottom line. Once you do that, engage is some free activity, take your kids to the park, take a walk with a friend, ride your bike, or pull some weeds in your garden. A tall glass of iced tea, a little sunshine, and a chat with a good friend will make you forget all about that shopping spree you didn't take! Have a great weekend.

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