Monday, April 14, 2008

Tax Day is Tomorrow!

Have you done your taxes? I have ours ready to go in January every year. I know we are getting a refund and with that, I don't drag my feet. Not to mention, our taxes are not that complex.

Some would say, if we get a refund every year, than we are not withholding or filing properly. Letting the government hang on to your hard earned cash is not the smartest program. In reality, though I could be making a few percent in interest, would I? I am much better and managing our money, but the temptation to spend still lurks. As it works out for us, what we get back in a refund is usually what we owe in property taxes. So from the IRS to Placer County, with a brief stop in at Bay Media Federal Credit Union!

As part of the confronting your finances exercises, make sure to do something on time. Either file your return or at least, get the extension filed on time. Confront it and take action, that' show stuff gets done!

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