Monday, March 17, 2008

Principle Number Three

The third principle is "Expect Good Fortune." This one is self explanatory. If reality is perception and you expect things to be positive, I believe you will get what you expect to get. What is it I always say? Yep, "Whatever you think, you're right!"

This is a point that all lucky people say they live in their day to day lives. If they buy a raffle ticket, they expect to win. If they need a parking place, they expect to find one right up front... and they do. Lucky people will accept an invitation to go to a party where they will know no one. They will happily do this because they expect they will meet some really great people... and they do!

To take this one step further, lucky people expect their good fortune to continue into the future. This is a a great way lucky people continue to create lucky, happy lives. Since you get to pick, which one do you want, lucky or unlucky?

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