Friday, March 7, 2008

Lucky Numbers

7 is lucky, 13 is unlucky, can numbers really be good or bad? Whatever you think, you're right! Many believe there is scientific evidence that numbers are important and meaningful.

Today is March 7th and Friday, that would have to make today a great day (I love Fridays)! I believe I have a lucky number, and those of you who know me know it's 52. 52 became my lucky or favorite number more than 20 years ago when it just kept coming up in my life. I went into a Kragen auto parts store and took a number, it was 52. I waited in line for a lottery to buy concert tickets and when the clerk handed out our numbers in line, I was number 52. Checking my coat at the theatre, my coat check was, you guessed it, 52. It happened so often that we made a joke about it, "What number did you get, 52?" "Fiddy-who?" I would reply, and we would sing together "Fiddy-twooooo." When I get 52 on a raffle ticket, I am sure to win the prize.

Is 52 my lucky number because I think it is? Absolutely! It makes me happy as silly as that might sound, and what would life be like if we didn't have silly things to make us happy? Maybe therein lies the secret, we need to be open to being happy about the seemingly silly. Lucky numbers, favorite days of the week, and even symbols that make us smile (mine is cherries), take life less seriously and find something insignificant that can make your heart giddy. If it makes you happy, it suddenly becomes very real and quite significicant!

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