Friday, May 27, 2011

Write About Sailing

If getting on the water is not possible right now, start a "I Dream of Sailing" blog or journal. Write about what inspired you to want to sail, what were your early experiences that fueled that passion and why did you stop pursuing the dream. Were there people who were instrumental in encouraging or discouraging you? While you get all of this in writing, look up different avenues, or Orange Roads that you might like to take in the Sailing world. Keep in mind, creating a life that includes your dream can manifest in ways that have nothing to do with actually being on a boat. I would venture to guess however, that ultimately you do want to be actually sailing.

If you take the time to journal your dream and the journey thus far, you may find the inspiration that rekindling those early feelings creates is enough to fuel you to take action faster. Whatever that action may be, I know it will be worthwhile!

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