Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sailing As A Way Of Life?

Where does one start? I answer this question easily - Learn! Okay, maybe that's elementary but the fact of the matter is, even if you are already making your living on a sail boat, there is still something for you to learn. If you think this is what you long to do, find out.

It's no secret that I feel that two main components of making your dreams come true are to get educated and volunteer. I am not a Sailor but I am certain that there are many ways to be involved in the field of sailing. I've got some of those ideas up my sleeve for this month, but if this is your dream, you need to find out what exactly it is you want to do, and how you go about doing that.

Have some fun, take classes pertaining to areas of the profession of sailing including some that you feel you don't want to do, you may find there is more to it and you are interested. Either way, you will have learned something more or new and that will put you one step closer to your dream - in fact, you will have brought the dream to life by simply taking the class!

Through taking classes you are positioning yourself to have many opportunities present themselves to you. From meeting other people who share your love of sailing to finding out that there are jobs you could do that not only pay good money, but you would love to do! When was the last time you hopped out of bed excited to get ready and go to work? Even if you like what you do now, wouldn't it be great to love what you do? I say, "Yes!'

Let's get to it, Orange Road number one is learn all the avenues available to you in this field and get signed up for a class. It's the first step that will set you sailing into so many other navigable waters!

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