Friday, May 20, 2011

Everywhere Has Somewhere to Sail

I did some homework and learned that unless you live in the middle of the desert, you have a lake near you where you can sail. Not only is there likely a place to sail within a few hours from where you live, there also may be a sailing group or club.

One group in the San Francisco area, OCSC Sailing is a San Francisco Bay Sailing School and Club. Of course, here in California we have a whole coast of water to sail on, but there are lakes and reservoirs all over the United States. Do a search and find a sailing club or association near you and find out about taking lessons, renting a boat, or joining a team. My friend Mike races on the bay with a local team. This was one of the Orange Roads Mike took to get him back in sailing swing! Not only does Mike race, but he saw his dream through of living on a sailboat. Now he is working on another phase that I will share before the end of the month!

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