Friday, May 13, 2011

Still Too Much!

Okay, I hear you! "I don't live near a lake and I don't have the cash right now to travel to take sailing lessons. Because of my current situation, it seems impossible for me to make sailing a part of my life." The Intentional Winning in Life way of thinking always finds a way.

Start small and simply make a list of all the ways to bring sailing into your life, don't let any considerations like time, money, or how close you live (or don't live) to a lake factor into the equation. Go back to my final post on all the Orange Roads to working with animals, you will see how many possibilities there really are. Put everything on your list from making the list, to creating a collage of every aspect of sailing, to even decorating a room in your house with a sailing motif. The idea is to get you thinking sailing, opening your mind to other ways to bring this dream back to life, all the way to just being stimulated visually with images in your home or work space. I will never believe that there is no way to get started, I simply know there are too many ways to get the ball rolling. So hop to it! Get going! You can do it!

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