Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How Do I Find Other Options?

Think like a child and imagine you are pretending to do the job you dream about doing. Children know no boundaries and will plug in all the wildest, most seemingly impossible ways to be who they want to be when they play.

Dave, as you "play" park ranger, write down all the ways you can be a ranger. What are you wearing? Is there something you can do that involves ranger clothing? That sounds like a silly question, doesn't it? No! What about researching and teaching about ranger uniforms through the years? Could you locate and put together complete period uniforms and open a private museum? Of course you could! I'm not suggesting that's something you want to do, I'm only proposing that you open your mind to different ways to bring this passion into your life right now.

Get a blank piece of paper and let your imagination run wild. Make a list of every way you can imagine (still thinking like a 5 year old) your day including or encompassing Gettysburg. I can think of many, but I'm going to save my list for future posts. You make your list and watch how the leaves of new ideas sprout off the vines that are your original list -- it will spread like a wild fire!

Are you feeling the excitement when you think of all the ridiculous ways you can live this dream just a little bit right now? I am! I can't wait to visit this national park that now has me feeling it's energy through this blog and Dave's dream.

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