Monday, January 10, 2011

Can You See Your Dream Differently?

If you see a dream one way and it's been that way for more than 30 years like Dave has, can it really be as satisfying if you do it any other way? Of course it can! Especially if you reached a point that you let go of the dream all together anyway.

If you could open the door to the dream that you thought died and invite some part of it into your life right now, would you want to do that? Dave said yes, that this concept was appealing to him. I was glad to hear that because what he may not realize is that by opening the door to other ways to have the dream live a little, will create a momentum that will help it to grow from just this little bit of a hobby to a possible full time career. "How would that happen?" I can hear you asking. I don't know the exact how, but I know it happens. When you focus your attention on something, it grows.

When you start doing something you love, you will gravitate to those joyous feelings, how can you not? My ideas are simply that if you feel you can't have the whole dream (whatever you think, you're right), why not allow a different version of it? If you open your mind to these ideas you might find that an orange road is exactly the right direction to your dream come true!

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