Friday, January 14, 2011

Gettysburg: From Dave

On 1/13/11 Dave wrote:


Things are progressing slowly on my dream. I have come to the realization that I will definitely need to take some of the Orange Roads to get there.

I looked at some new postings today on USA Jobs and saw some listings at other parks that would be very satisfying. The problem is that most of the positions I would like to fill are all seasonal, part time jobs. I spoke with an HR representative at Gettysburg today to find out if there was anything more I could do to further my dream. She told me that permanent positions
were few and far between as most employees that get into the NPS stay until they retire. She recommended that I look at other position outside of the interpretive arena such as HR since that is what I have been basically doing for the last few years with the National Guard. She did give me some good news in that my veteran status will almost guarantee me a job, it's just a
matter of where that job is. I also asked her about going through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Program and if that would be beneficial and she agreed that any additional qualifications would help.

In the end, I may have to take a position that is not as fulfilling but gets my foot in the door or I need you to start making the big bucks so I can afford to give up my job with the Guard and work seasonally until I can land a full time interpretive position.

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