Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gettysburg: Orange Road #2

This was the idea that really gave life to IWIL. Dave had just returned from his deployment from Iraq and he was feeling a lot of frustration while adjusting to being home. He shared with me that he had given up on this dream because he was sure I wouldn't relocate to Pennsylvania. From my heart I asked him why it had to be all or nothing. Here is what I popped off the top of my head when he asked what other way could he be a park ranger in Gettysburg without moving to Pennsylvania:

"We could plan ahead and buy a Bed & Breakfast near Gettysburg. We could personally run it 3 months out of the year - the autumn months would be my pick! Each guest would get a personal tour by Historian "You" when they visit our B&B. You could wear a uniform (even period park ranger uniforms would be fun - remember the museum?) and share little-known-facts that they won't get on a regular park tour."

I realize this would not be easy and certainly not the least expensive Orange Road, but it is a possibility! The point of IWIL is to realize that there are ways you have never conceived of that you can achieve your dreams. Those ideas that seem totally bizarre are not impossible, they are just out of your proverbial box.

The Doubleday Inn is a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast on the battlefield. While I assumed there were places that did tours and things to enhance your stay in Gettysburg, Innkeepers Christine and Todd Thomas appear to have this dialed! Visit their website and if you plan to visit Gettysburg, stop in and tell them Kathy sent you!

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