Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Getting Worse...

I'm holding firm on this "Acquisition Time Out" with Mason, but he is not letting up on me. Since he knows I'm going to say no, he has upped the anti on requests. We went to the grocery store to get egg colors and a donut. We picked out the colors, each got a donut, and as we waited in line to pay for our items, he picked up darn near everything in the check-out isle and said, "Can I have this?" "What about this?" And on and on. I finally just ingnored him and when we finally left the store, he asked about his donut. The donut that he'd been looking forward to for hours before we actually got it. And for the record, the donut was something I rewarded him with for behaving without having a reward on the line.

I want him to realize that good things come to him when he's good, for goodness sake. Not that he has to be good to get something. So I'll keep reinforcing the good in Mason (and there is lots!), and keep correcting the behaviors I feel will set him up for failure later in life. I have way more stick-to-it abilty than he will ever know!

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