Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I won Bon Jovi tickets last week...actually, I won three pair of Bon Jovi tickets last week, three tries, three wins! That is Intentional Winning but better than winning the tickets was anticipating the show. I was so excited, I could think of little else. The reality is, I love this band and Dave and I don't get out as much as we'd like to. Winning tickets was the perfect excuse to plan a night out.

I believe that anticipating something is more than half the fun of actually doing it. I looked up the set list on the bands web site, I shared with my family and friends that I was going to the concert, I bought new makeup, and planned what I would wear. Dave made dinner plans for us and arranged for a sitter for Mason. We talked excitedly about what time we would leave and who would be opening the show. All the while I facebooked and tweeted the count down to Bon Jovi.

The night arrived and dinner was wonderful, our energy was high and finally we were at the arena. So did all this anticipation exceed the fun of the event itself? No way! I danced, cheered, and sang every single song. It could happen that the anticipation overrides the fun of the actual event, but you get to choose if that happens. I had as much fun as I expected to have and maybe a little more! Anyone who was at that show who didn't have a good time, made that choice!

Jon Bon Jovi and the band still deliver. They played for nearly two hours, mixed up the old with the new and tossed in some of the lesser known songs (to the general public, fans like me know ALL the songs!), and even did different arrangements of some of their hits. After more than 25 years, these guys still love what they do, do it well, and are the epitome of Rock Stars! If you have an opportunity to see Bon Jovi on tour, go! Win your tickets if you want or buy them, you won't be sorry, the show is worth every penny!

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kathryn313 said...

I loved your story that is fantastic.