Friday, October 16, 2009

Good Sleep

Dave and I have had an ongoing battle to find a pillow that Dave will sleep on through the whole night. I've purchased dozens of them and frankly, there hasn't been a single one that he's loved. From cheap to rather pricey, he's not easy to please in the pillow department. I have the same pillow I've had for years and I love it still. It's filled with broken chunks of foam and it's my favorite.

While we were in Las Vegas I met Julia from Naturaworld ( The plan is to write a review over four weeks, one a week starting next Monday (10/26). Tell me, do you have a favorite pillow? What makes a pillow comfortable and perfect for you? I'd love to know what your experiences are and if you think your pillow is important.

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LastChance said...

I'm going to follow this, because I am desperately looking for a pillow that works for me. I tend to sleep on my side, and have fairly broad shoulders, so I need a pillow that's firm enough to keep my head from dropping sideways and wrecking my spine, while soft enough to not feel like I'm sleeping on a rock.