Friday, September 4, 2009

Time With Mason

Mason is growing up so fast. I can remember him toddling, oohing, and drooling. Now he only drools when he sleeps.

Kindergarten is going really well, a far cry from last year. I keep looking at him and seeing all these big boy qualities, like his legs are getting really strong and not so skinny. And he has really intelligent questions and answers. Just when I start to adjust to this little boy who is less little and more boy, he does something really silly like pretend he is Riley (the dog) and wants me to throw a toy for him to fetch. It's in those moments when I realize I can't be so busy that I let these moments pass us by. It won't matter if I miss 30 minutes of trade show preparation, but Mason will remember those 30 minutes I played with him pretending he was my dog.

I know the days of offered kisses, wanting me to fall asleep with him in his bed, and him thinking I know the answers to everything are fleeting. Heck, once the thinking I know everything days are gone, they are gone forever. It's now that I need to listen and value his opinions. I want to share good lessons of manners, values, right & wrong, and kindness while he's still impressionable enough to consider that these things are not only a good way of life, but the only way of life. I have no doubt we will have our challenges while Mason grows up, but I will know that I spent time, stayed plugged in, and truly did my best to be not just a good mom, but a great mom!

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Tania Reynaert said...

you are a great mom and Mason just makes me smile all the time :-)