Monday, September 7, 2009

Is It Ever Okay?

Is it ever okay to impose your belief system on another person? I struggle with this especially when it seems like the situation is black and white. Julie is a paramedic and works in one of the toughest areas in N. CA. When she is called to save the life of someone who appears to be a drug user, physically a mess, and not pleasant in any way shape or form, she treats that person the same way she would an affluent soccer mom living in a gated community. I've asked Julie how she doesn't judge and her answer was beautiful, she said, "It's not my place to determine who lives and dies. I don't know why they are dirty or how they came to be living such a life, all I know is that it's my job to do everything in my power to save that life." Nice. She went on to say that she feels she can make a positive impact on someone who may have lost their way by being kind and doing her best. Next time I find myself judging another, I'm going to hear Julie's voice in my head reminding me it's not my place to determine who lives and dies. Thank you Julie!

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