Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So What Happened?

It's Wednesday and our final day at the ABC Kids Expo. What is really apparent is that this is not our show. Most of the products here are for expecting women and infants, along with furniture. Our product is for toddlers up to ten year olds. That said, we are getting an amazing response to ZipperBack Gloves. Retailers in the north-east, mid-west and Canada love what we have and they want it now, for this season. It was our intention to take orders for the following year and they all said, "Fine, but I want X amount for this season, now." At first blush that sounds fantastic, but as you learn in business, selling all of your inventory for your first season to retailers may not be the smartest move. With that, I'll just say that it was a huge success and a wonderful prelude to the SIA (Snow Sports Industry Assn) show in January.

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