Friday, August 14, 2009

Is It Good Or Is It Bad?

Perspective. It's a simple answer to almost any question. It's all in how you see it. There are many influences that shape how we see things, but if you can embrace the idea that you have a choice, you can change your life. Let me give you an example. I grew up with a dad who didn't know a thing about showing love to his kids. He had a very difficult childhood, to say the least, and without any idea of what loving parents were, how could he parent any differently? All through my childhood years, I thought I had the worst dad ever. It wasn't' until I grew up that I could see that despite his difficult life, he did love me and he did show me that love, in his own way. He didn't speak kindly and visit with my friends like some dads did, but he would leave a candy on the kitchen table for me when I woke up for school. He didn't take me on father-daughter outings, but he did come to one of my little league games. He sat in his truck the whole time, but I could see he was there. My dad wasn't good or bad, he was just trying to be the best dad he knew how. I choose to see him as a loving father despite how the textbooks portray what a good father is. Would I have liked a few father-daughter outings, not really. He just wasn't that kind of dad! Smiling!

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