Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I got the greatest mother's day gift any mom of a child could ask for. Friday night, Mason and I had a wonderful evening. We watered the cherry trees, pulled weeds, and played outside until the sun went down. We came in the house, had some dinner and snuggled in to watch a movie, popcorn included!

After the movie, it was time for bed. I pulled his freshly washed blanket from the dryer and tucked him in to read his bedtime story. He chose Walter the Farting Dog. After the story, we made some small talk about how soft his blanket was and I told him I wanted to sleep with it. He held it tight and we kissed goodnight.

I went back to reading on the couch when I heard the pitter-patter of his little feet coming down the hall (I love that sound!). He said, "Mama, it's Mother's Day weekend, so you can sleep with my blanket tonight." I smiled and took the blanket fully intending to put it back with him before I put myself to bed. "Thank you Mason. I love you, now go back to bed." I heard him very clearly not go back to bed.

About 15 minutes later, I got up to put him back in bed when he met me in the hallway, panicked. "Mama, I have a bead in my nose." he said.
"A what?" I replied.
"A bead, it's in my nose." he repeated.
"Why did you put a bead in your nose?" I calmly asked.
"I didn't put it there." he said looking up a me.
"Well, then, how did it get there?" I logically asked.
"It just rolled in my nose." he said weakly.

At this point, I'm walking him down the hallway to the bathroom trying my darnedest not to laugh. Mason was begging me not to hurt him, not really crying, but not sure of what mom had up her sleeve either. I sat him on the toilet seat, with tweezers in hand, I reached up his nose to extract the bead. He screamed and pushed my hand away begging me to stop. Still trying not to laugh, I went back to his little nose housing the bead. I reached in, pinched the tweezers, and pulled out a big, of I'm laughing out loud! Mason is crying and in my attempt to reach the bead, I managed to dislodge it from the small part of the nasal passage. I told him to blow, and blow he did. The little blue bead shot across the bathroom like a BB from a gun. Thank goodness we didn't have to go to the ER.

Through my teary-eyed laughter, I told him to never, ever put anything in any of his bodily openings! The gift of a classic "put something up his nose" moment is the best. Some would say, "This kind of stuff can happen only to you Kathy!" The Friday before Mother's Day, yes, only on Kathy Island! Still laughing!

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