Friday, May 9, 2008

Define "Mom"

How do you define who's a mom? For me, a mom is a female who loves and cares for another. Most people tend to think inside the lines of what defines relationships. We've talked about this before, but for a mom, most people think of a woman who has given birth to a child or children. I personally think that's far to narrow a scope

There are women who adopt children, women who step up and love children of the men they love (sincerely), women who love animals, and people who are of no relation to them. I was Riley's mama a year before Mason was born. Julie is Taz's (the horse), Monty's (the dog), and Bob's (the cat) mom. Lisa is that mama Mickey has wrapped around all four of his paws! Mary has friends of her biological children who she mother's as her own, and Alice is expecting a human baby but has been mothering her babies Prensa (chihuahua), and Totoro (cat) for several years. I feel confident she won't love Prensa or Totoro one ounce less once her beautiful baby joins their happy family.

When I was pregnant with Mason, I made comparisons of having a baby to having Riley. Many people told me that was a ridiculous comparison, some said,"Having animals is nothing like having a baby!" I completely disagree. I'm not going to explain this, because if you agree with me, you do, and if not, that's okay, too.

To me, being a mom is that part of a woman that loves, cares for, and nurtures. In that case, isn't every woman a mom? From the heart, I believe yes!

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