Friday, January 6, 2012

What About Reality Television?

Reality television is another bunch of nonsense, not only in the world of entrepreneurs but also the true art and craft of acting. It's fine for Americans to find entertainment in watching other people live their lives with shock and awe, but are they really role model celebrities who deserve massive amounts of money, book deals, and more? Will my product really make me millions if Daymond John or Kevin Herrington pick us up and open doors? Maybe, but again, why do I need to rely on this avenue to succeed? Back to reality television, Shark Tank wouldn't cast me (along with a myriad of other really hard working individuals with great products) because I am not wacky enough and my product isn't bizarre. Hello? People need everyday products! It's also important to note that I personally know several people who have been featured on reality television shows with their products and guess what? They are not millionaires, nor are they really much further along than they were before appearing on the show.*

Is it possible that hard work, a great product, and doing good business is simply not enough in America? Is luck and who you know more important? If I'm getting honest, the answer is sadly a resounding, Yes!

*There certainly may be people who have succeeded wildly with the help of angel investors who give capital and exposure to their products, I just don't know any of those people.

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