Monday, August 29, 2011

I Am An Artist!

Since I've admitted I can't not work, there is no sense in trying to do nothing. My goal now is to do something else. No duh! We are always doing something even if that something is getting quiet,, getting away, or being still.

As I stepped away from my disappointments, I could see a wider view of my life and some other things came into view. I am an artist. Yes! I've always known I was creative, but I never would call myself an artist - but I am. I create things that are uniquely me. I paint, color, arrange, photograph, build, sculpt and more. Gosh, why would I discount the beautiful ceramics I made as a teenager, the great cakes I decorated for celebrations of all kinds, and this one I did professionally, and the cookies I imagine and create every year? I am an artist and the creative process feeds my soul. When my soul is fed, I can do the work that I love - being a wife, mommy, writer, and more!

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