Friday, August 26, 2011

Dangerous and Wonderful

Dangerous and wonderful is that place we might find ourselves when we have to admit that the thing we love to do, may not provide the financial means we think we want, or need.

Teachers accept a pittance for pay when you look at what they contribute to our society. Moms don't get paid at all if you look only at the monetary form of payment. My point to dangerous and wonderful is that letting go of the idea that you can make a doctors or lawyers salary is dangerous. But in my mind, it's wonderful to find the path in life that truly feeds your spirit, the essence of who you are. When you find that, it's an easy decision.

I know, you still need to make a living but what if, just what if the saying, "Do what you love and money will come." is true? How will you know if you never do what you love? I'm feeling something coming to life inside me while I am at the river, if I can find my purpose I will trust I'm on the right path no matter how much money comes, or doesn't come. I'm getting closer.

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