Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Orange Road: Join A Coed Sports Team

There is a sport for everyone! Get involved in doing something you enjoy and meet new people while you're doing it. I've played softball, bowled on a team in a fun league, and snow skied with a group.

There is something for everyone from joining a walking group to extreme sports such as base jumping. Doing something you love to do and meeting other people who like to do it, too sets you up for win-win situation. To me, this is obvious but that may not be true for you. Break out of your comfort zone and position yourself to be the new kid on the team. Let someone take you under their wing and introduce you to the regulars. It can certainly make you feel vulnerable, but isn't that a good thing when you are looking for love? Love is vulnerable. I don't expect you will fall in love with the first person you meet, but I am proposing that you allow yourself to be vulnerable in a non-intimate relationship in preparation for a more intimate relationship in your (hopefully near) future.

This Orange Road is good for your health and your heart; both literally and metaphorically!

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