Friday, June 17, 2011

Orange Road: Community Service Day

I love this idea! Single or not, plan a day of community service. It could be to help some elderly folks with projects around their homes, or cleaning up an area that needs some love. Work with your local Chamber of Commerce to get the business community involved and post the details on all your social media sites. Take it a step further and call your local news stations, ask them to help you get the word out and I bet you will get lots of helping-hands!

If you've been following IWIL for any amount of time, you know that I base my initial thoughts on volunteering and education. Heading up a volunteer project like this will do so many things; you will meet many new people, you will be giving of yourself, you will be enhancing the lives of the people benefiting from the project, and did I say you will be meeting new people - lots of new people? I know I did, I just wanted to emphasize that particular point. This is one Orange Road that will be worth the trip paying dividends far beyond what meets the eye!

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