Friday, February 4, 2011

Grammar And Punctuation Count!

No matter if you want to publish yourself with a blog just for family or dream of one day being a New York Times best selling author, you have to know how to write. It's not simply knowing how to spell and put sentences together, you need to understand punctuation and grammar, current writing styles, and by all means, have someone edit your work.

Not all of you may know what I mean by current writing styles. An example of this would be for those of us who learned to type on a type writer. We were taught to put two spaces after a period to start the new sentence. This was because on a type writer all letter spacing was the same regardless of if you were typing an "i" or an "M." With word processing this two spaces at the end of a sentence isn't necessary. There are several style resources but in the United States, most most non-journalism writing follows The Chicago Manual of Style. C By all means, research this for yourself as it is certain that you will at some point reference a Style Guide if you want to be an Author.

Writing is a skill and a talent. Anyone with a basic education can write, but that doesn't mean they can write well. The best way to learn to write well is to read and write a lot -- a whole lot! Have someone who writes well edit your work and if you don't have someone in your life who can do a good job, pay for editing services. Getting your paper back with corrections is a great way to improve your skill.

Writing is like any other profession, you must have the tools to do the job and in this case, it's a strong understanding of the language you are writing in. Add your style and tell your story, there are many Orange Roads to travel as a writer or Author!

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