Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Articles, Newsletters and More!

One of the fastest ways to get published is to write content for newsletters for businesses and schools. My son's school does a weekly newsletter that provides updates on coming events not only for the school, but sometimes for the community as well. Real estate offices are also great businesses to reach out to; suggest that you provide them with a monthly calendar of events for your city or town. In addition to just providing a list of goings-on, write an introduction to the month, or a little known fact about your community and all it offers it's residents.

Something as simple as a list of community events could easily grow into a journalism job doing interviews with the chief of police or the Mayor. Wow! Look at that, we traveled down the newsletter road and wound up working as a journalist! Now that's Orange Road heaven, don't you think?

I personally enjoy writing articles because they are short, to the point, and an easy way to get my name out there. In fact, I started my writing life writing articles for businesses on how to implement and utilize in-house voice mail systems. Those articles turned into pieces for end users and those turned into a monthly advice column for a trade publication. That was back in 1993-1994, do you remember when it was a big deal for a business to have a voice mail system? Today it's a big deal for a business to have a live body answer the phone!

I digress. My point is if you want to write and be published, find ways to do that whether it be newsletters for businesses, articles for industry specific publications or publishing community events. One thing always leads to another and hopefully for you, it's another writing gig!

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