Friday, May 14, 2010

Organizing Tip #2

Tip #2: Put things away each time you use them.

This is true for everything:

Pantry items while you cook, use it and put it back.
Your keys, put them in the same place when you come in the door, everyday!
Scissors, once they have a place, put them there when you are done.
Make-up, don't leave it on the sink or counter. After you apply it, put it in your make-up bag and put that in the drawer or cupboard.

You get the point. Put it away when you are finished with it and when you need it next time, you'll know right where it is!


Karen said...

2 outa 3 aint bad. I love your tips and writing Kathy! Got some new scissors with a magnetic holder for the side of my fridge but I can't find any room for it since it's covered in photos. I may never go stainless because I love my big, three sided magnetic memory board so much. Anyhoo, off to put on some make up and put it away after!

Kathy said...

Hi Karen, Thank you for chiming in! I see you on fb and I am glad we are connected! I'm with you, I love the space on my fridge. I like the magnetic scissors, great idea! I rotate the pics and always leave a little blank space for a reminder or scissors! Smiles!