Friday, February 5, 2010

It's The Weekend! So What?

It used to be that the weekend meant time for fun and no work. This isn't the case when you run a business or are creating a business while working for other people, or are a serial entrepreneur. The weekend becomes a time that you can do the work you want to do and find time to do the (house/home) work you have to do!

You all know the stuff I do for ZipperBack Gloves and you all have house work to do for your own families. I think the thing that sets people who are true entrepreneurs apart, is we don't think in terms of, "I can't come to your party this weekend." We think in terms of, "I'm sorry I won't be there, I have XYZ that has to be done." The difference is that there is a driving force in an entrepreneur that doesn't surface as we are missing something, it feels more like though we don't want to disappoint someone, we have something else we must do to move our survival forward. Yes, survival. It feels that serious, as if whatever has to be done, simply cannot wait!

Even to me this seems extreme, but I've lived it many times. Those of you close to me know I've missed gatherings, going away parties, and any number of other social events because I had to "work" that weekend. Those of you who have the entrepreneurial gene completely understand. Those of you who don't, think we need to lighten up, take life less seriously. I'll go out on a limb and say us serial entrepreneurs agree with you, we should lighten up, if only we could!

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