Sunday, February 21, 2010

In Response....

To grow America's Women Entrepreneur's (specifically in the tech field), but I think the issue is much more broad. You can read Brad Feld's blog at Here is my response to the subject as a whole based on my personal experience:

WOW! This is such a highly charged topic and rightfully so! It seems that the problem goes deeper than women who are skilled in technology or not. It speaks to women being allowed to be entrepreneurs as well as mother's and "women." No matter how you dispute it, we are wired differently than men, not less than, differently. When I have to miss a meeting because my son is sick, #1 I feel terrible. First because my child is ill, and second because I know I am being judged as a woman who doesn't care or is less professional because I'm not at work. #2 I AM being judged, (by men and women, this is not an attack on the male gender. It's an accepted attitude across the boards.) as less of a professional or someone who is less able because I've made a choice to care for my child. Of course I chose my child! Men do, too when there is not a woman there to pick up the slack. The difference there is he is then a better man! A hero!

The point is that there will be more women entrepreneurs when women don't have to feel the weight of all the worlds on their shoulders. I'm lucky, I don't. I make it clear in every business situation that my family comes first. Businesses will come and go, but Dave and Mason are one of a kind. If more women had that kind of conviction and sense of what's really important, there would be more women entrepreneurs and less judgement!

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