Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Universal Energy

Why is it that January 1 of every year feels like the "Fresh Start?" Why can't the first of every month be "new?" I think it's because we all agree it's suppose to feel that way. If we all came together around the world and decided that July 1st was a new beginning, it would feel different.

When we all come together and agree on what something will or won't be, our thoughts, plans, energies, and actions create that very thing or feeling. If we all saw December 31st as any other night, we would be doing laundry, bathing our kids, and getting ready to go to work the next day. But we don't. We plan parties, shop for special dresses, drink champagne, and even wear party hats...we've all decided it's a special night and with that decision comes our energy and intention. If this one example isn't enough to convince you of the power of intention and universal energy, you'll never buy the idea!

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