Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Road Trips Are Fun

Do you like to take road trips? I do! It's tough sometimes to be in the car for hours on end, but it's all how you plan ahead. Isn't that the way it is with everything? Plan ahead and even the most arduous task can be smooth sailing.

We are en route from from California to Colorado as you read this post. We have movies, music, snacks, and games. Better than all of those things are the funny things we talk about. Often it's the people we see along the way that give us the best thought provoking conversations. I'll share some of our adventures when we get back but for now, think about the last road trip you took, or better yet, plan a new one! Leave me a comment and tell me what you like best about road trips and where you want to go next! For us it's "Colorado or BUST!"

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