Thursday, October 30, 2008

Taking Pre-Orders!

I'm just about finished with my book Creative and Memorable Ways to Keep in Touch, Back to Basics and want to offer you a pre-order special. Since I'm self publishing this book in a very unorthodox way, it's costing a little more than it might with a publisher and contract. The big up-side is that the book is in full color. I plan to sell them for $15 each plus shipping. If you pre-order your copies, I'm selling them for $12.50 and no shipping costs. Also, I'll be donating seventy-five cents from the sale of every book to Operation Mom, Placer County (

They're not big books, in fact they are pretty, little gift books perfect for Christmas gifts. In this economy when money's tight, there are many ideas that only require a few minutes and a postage stamp. For such little effort, you make the day of someone you love. And by the way, there's still a few spaces for pictures. Send me yours today.

Here's the forward and of the book to give you an idea of what to expect.

People First!

I've written this book because as I look at the world around me, all I see are people in such a hurry. They're talking on cell phones, interrupting face-to-face conversations with real live people to read text messages, and even ending long-term relationships via e-mail. What's wrong with this picture? Everything! I believe it's the people in our lives that make life worth living. To me, it appears that living, breathing, feeling people have taken the extreme back seat to technology, and it's a shame. I'm the kind of girl who sends cards and handwritten letters on pretty paper. When I share a recipe, I hand write it on a card with notes about what I love about the dish, or if it's a family favorite and why. I've come to realize that this sort of thing -- sending cards, letters, and creative little gifts -- doesn't come naturally for everybody like it does for me. My friends are always so touched and make it a point to tell me how exceptional I am for making such an effort, when to me it's such a small thing.

I've had so much inspiration and help writing this book that I can't take all the credit. I also want it known that I'm sure I've not been the first to do or suggest every idea in this book, but I assure you I did come by them honestly. I either thought of them on my own or saw something that inspired me to come up with something similar. There has been no specific reference or research done to come up with any of the ideas here and in my other books.
It's also important to note that there may be ideas in this book that will be appropriate in another. I've done my best not to duplicate too many.

Join me now on a journey of connecting or reconnecting with the people in your life. Next time you get a text, dial that number instead and actually talk to the person texting you. Better yet, turn your phone off and talk face to face, even to the kind person making your coffee. And I dare you to thumb through this book and pick one idea you can do today, this very minute. You'll be reminded of how good it feels to touch someone and make yourself feel good along the way! It's just part of my personal makeup to show my loved ones how I feel and even though we are spread all over the world, they're never far from my thoughts and my heart. Join me, won't you?

Creative and Memorable Ways to Keep in Touch. Back to Basics, pre-order your copy today for the introductory price of $12.50 each. E-mail me at

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