Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Motivator

Crabby Monday!

Not what you expected? Me neither, and just why is it that Monday is equated with a bad thing? I know the standard answer about just coming off a weekend, and now we all have to go back to work. It seems to me that the problem is not with Monday, but with where you have to go every Monday, and in the big picture, don't you have a choice? I say you do. Some will disagree, like Dave, saying that he can't just quit his job because we have a mortgage to pay. To that, I say, he is right however, he could lay some solid plans for a new career path, and start working in that direction. There's a choice.

I find that even if I can't be doing exactly what I feel I would love to be doing right now, if I am doing something that is moving me in that direction, I feel better about all of my circumstances. When I wanted to be an actor, I signed up for workshops, that lead to classes, that lead to doing commercials. The funny thing is, I felt successful just having signed up for the class! The same holds true for my new career as an author and motivational speaker. I made the choice, smiled, made it known I was available to speak, smiled some more, and viola, I have my first speaking gig tomorrow night in Walnut Creek. Ironically, I have a radio interview today about my participation in the Chicken Soup series. Two gigs in one week, how is that for intention?

Today, I have to go to work, doing the job that makes me dread Monday, but after sharing all this with you, I am going to smile all day, as I head to the radio station and after that, prepare to speak tomorrow night. Happy Monday I say!

If you find your Mondays to be less than welcome, ask yourself what you would rather be doing. If you can't just do it, find a way to start doing it, and follow through. It will make you feel better than you can imagine, even though you still have to do the other stuff, too!

Take a minute and post in the comments what you will do to move you in the direction you want to go. Let's see how many of us will take at least that much action.

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