Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Motivator

Welcome to the first Monday in November.

There are only nine more Mondays this year including this one, and can you believe that we only have 50 more shopping days until Christmas?

Thank you to those of you who looked at my blog and gave me your input. It was all positive, and the free editing was much appreciated. It still amazes me that you can write something, read it, read it again, and again, and even one more time, and still have misspelled words. Several of you asked me why I created the blog so let me share with you my vision.

I have been working all year on a book with my friend Dahlynn. Originally, the book was to be titled "Intentional Winning on the Radio and in Life" and it was to show how I have manifested the power of intention, winning on the radio, over the last twenty-five years. After getting it written, Dahlynn and I decided to rethink the radio concept, and introduce Intentional Winning in a more basic format that would be applicable to so many other subjects. The radio book is still written, I just don't know how we will produce/distribute it.

Intentional Winning: Victory by design. Creating the journey, and the outcome for every aspect of your life by participating in the process.

Our vision is to get the first book, "Intentional Winning, a handbook for life" published, and then model a company much like the Chicken Soup for the Soul company. I see books being co-authored with titles like "Intentional Winning in Marriage," "Intentional Winning in Parenting," and "Intentional Winning in Wine Making." You name it, and we can plug it in. Intentional Winning is a cross between a how-to like the Dummies series, and a more spiritual slant on life much like The Secret.

I plan to move into a career as a motivational speaker with Intentional Winning being my subject. We have the web address reserved and hope to make it a resource for all the books, journals, IW products, booking motivational speakers, and hiring success coaches. This blog is my way of communicating with all of you, and branching out beyond just an e-mail list in my address book. It may be a little less personal, but it may not. I have not yet decided how I will proceed in that respect.

So there it is. It is a work in process and will likely be ever evolving. I hope that makes this whole book idea and business plan a little more clear. Like so many successful concepts, I realize that my information is not new, or revolutionary. What I do think, is that my perception and delivery of good information will reach some that would otherwise not have been hooked. I also know that I am an average Joe, no MBA, I'm not a CEO of a million dollar company (yet!), and that in and of itself will be appealing to many.

This will also be the new format for my Monday Motivator. What do you think? I hope you like it, and will continue to enjoy this journey with me. Have a great week and next week, I will have a more MM format.


Lisa A. said...

I love this idea. Starting my week with a positive thought can only bring good to me and others. Having the ability to look back on archive MMs will be great. I wish all the success on your book and future editions and endeavors. Big love.

JS said...

Congrats, Kath! Can't wait to follow along, and I, too, like the idea of looking back on archived MMs. Yay for you!

Big Mike said...

I can say I knew you when...

Just another step on the ladder,
Way to go!
Big Bear Hugs

Di said...

Looks Great! I am so proud of you Kathy! I look forward to mm every week, gets all the positive thought processes going! You will do great with this book and everything to come!
Love to you!