Monday, November 23, 2009

Natura Pillow Review - Week Four

It's been a month for Dave and I on our new Natura pillows. I didn't expect to go through a major loss during this review, but when I did, it brought to light how important sleep really is. It's even more important when you not getting it, much like breathing! Part of good sleep is quality sleeping arrangements including you bedroom, bedding, mattress, and pillow.

I shared last week that Dave absolutely loves his pillow. Several of you asked me what I thought about mine. I like my new pillow, but as Julia with NaturaWorld pointed out, your pillow has to fit you. The measurement between your ear and shoulder is how you determine how thick your pillow needs to be. Neither Dave or I were measured and this review started when Julia assured me she could find a pillow Dave loved. She did. She through in a pillow for me and that's when the conversation about good sleep and couples getting good sleep together came about. I plan to purchase a pillow that is similar to my old favorite pillow, which I'm still using. My Natura pillow is wonderful, it's just too thin.

If you haven't already, visit the Naturaworld web site and browse all of their incredible products. There is something there for everyone, even the dog and every price range. This Christmas, you can buy a pillow for a Soldier for only $5.00! For a mere $20.00, you can change the lives of four people! Visit

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