Friday, February 27, 2009

Protect Your Kids!

Mason is only five, but he is so drawn to anything that ends is dot-com. It amazes me that every kids show bombards our children with, "Go to to play, buy, see, check out..." you name it. At five, I'm still very much in control of what he does and doesn't do on my computer, but these days are numbered. That's why I'm so excited to share with you Norton Online Family.

Norton Online Family is a new, breakthrough service that gives parents the tools to protect kids online and connect with their online lives. There's so much to share that I want to encourage you to check out this link to a sneak preview that started February 17th. The service will be officially unveiled this Spring.

Go to to check out this awesome service.

If you don't have kids still at home, check it out and send this to your friends and family who do. Besides being very easy to set up and use, just a few of the other key features include:
  • Helpful Search Insight: Easily view what words and phrases a child uses to search and where those searches lead online.
  • Secured Personal Information: Track, report, and prevent personal information that a child may purposefully or accidentally try to send via e-mail, instant message, or social networking site.
  • Useful Time Management: An easy to use time management feature that - if parents find it necessary - gives each child a "curfew" that will limit computer usage.

These are just three of eleven really great key features. If you have kids or know people who do, check this out, it's really good stuff and keeps us parents in the driver seat. With the Internet becoming increasingly dangerous, we need all the help we can get!

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