Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gratitude - Day 22

Today I'm grateful that there are so many things to do in Auburn and the surrounding towns. this weekend we get to choose from the Mountain Mandarin Festival, The Ski and Snowboard Show, The Harvest Festival, along with numerous other holiday craft shows.

We will be going to the Ski and Snowboard show to see how many pairs of ZB Gloves we can sell (, and we'll stop in at the Mandarin Festival to get our delicious little mandarins for Thanksgiving. Here's the other part of our choices; the Ski and Snowboard show offers us a full day lift ticket to Northstar or Sierra at Tahoe with our paid admission ($15 to get in gets us each a $79 lift ticket). For the Mandarin Festival we were given free admission months ago and I held on to them knowing we would want to support our local growers.

In this economy, and as always for me, we're doing everything we can to make the most of all the things we do. I'm grateful we have so many options!

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Lisa A. said...

Today I'm grateful for the love of cooking and sharing it with others. Today we celebrated my good friend, Darlene's birthday with Hamburgers cooked to perfection, Sweet potatoe fries, spinach salad and cherry pie. Yum, Yum.