Thursday, August 7, 2008

When Opportunity Knocks

I'm going to get a little ahead of myself here because this is a time sensitive issue. I'm a firm believer in the Universe providing for us what we need and when. In a way I could have never predicted, I was introduced to Amilya Antonetti ( For those of you who know her, you know why I was so excited. And for those of you who don't, well, you should! Smiling!

Amilya is the woman responsible for bringing the concept of "green" to household cleaners more than fifteen years ago. Go to her web site to read her story. What I want to share with you, is how Amilya has made it her mission to help people like me get our ideas off the ground without all the trials and tribulations that most have to go through just to realize they were given bad advice, or worse, taken for thousands of dollars needlessly.

I was fortunate enough to spend a day with Amilya and her team where I met Barb Luther, my patent attorney, and Bob Warden from QVC, just to name a few. In that single day, I got enough good, sound advice to take my idea and my kitchen table prototype and run like a mad woman. The day I spent with Amilya was in March of this year. In less than four months, I was patent pending, and in communication with two large manufactures of snow gloves. Both manufactures are creating real prototypes for me to review, and we are discussing how we want to do business. Do I want to strictly license the idea, or do Dave and I want to work with the company we chose to work with to promote the "mom invented" idea around the country? All of this came from one business day with Amilya!

Here's my question to you, do you want to spend your money trying this, and implementing that, or do you think enough of your idea to invest in the contacts you could make in a single day? What if I told you you could spend a weekend in this kind of company? It's a small investment to attend Amilya's Mind to Market weekend, and frankly, worth every penny and more! The weekend is $1295.00 and you will come away with everything you need to know to get your product to market. As a favor to me, for inviting you, you can do the whole weekend for $995! Yet again, another reason I love this group of people.

I haven't even told you the really good news (sounds like, "But wait! There's more!). There's an application process to attend. There won't be any two products or ideas the same, and if your product is not something that Amilya feels she can help you make happen, you won't ever spend a penny! Go to for complete information on the M2M weekend in Oakland.

I don't believe there's a more ethical and honest person out there to help you. Okay, so now you know how I feel about Amilya. You can certainly make your own choices about how to invest in your product and yourself, but let me wrap up by telling you, I'm working the M2M weekend in Oakland on August 22, 23, and 24th. I'm working it as a volunteer because I want to give back to the group that sent me on my way via a shooting star with a sling-shot!

From Amilya:


Thanks for putting this out there! I enjoy working with you and I look forward to meeting anyone you send my way.

If you have any friends that think they have what it takes and have an idea that is ready to launch, than tell them to come meet me. I want to know who they are and what great things we can do together.

One idea can change the world…don’t keep it to yourself!


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